With over 32 breakout sessions to choose from and world class keynote speaker, this conference is a must-attend event! Come to the conference to load up on certification credits and soak in knowledge from some of the most sought out thought leaders in the industry.

Wednesday, Oct 14 2020
08:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Employment Law Summit

Speakers:   Tammy Bennett Zoey Mayhew James Reid Chase Tweel Faith Whittaker Johner Wilson III Andrey Tomkiw Credits: 3 HRCI Business Credits, 3 SHRM Credits, 3 APA Credits

Spend the morning learning from industry experts on a wide variety of topics updating you on the latest legal issues facing the HR industry. Topics include overlapping laws and what you need to know and Post Covid19 Updates.


Andrey Tomkiw

Title - Discussing Politics in the Workplace: Do I Need a Policy?

Politics during this election cycle seem to be very personal and are very polarizing.  Political expression has the potential to hurt others, disrupt your business, and expose you to various claims of an unlawful work environment.  How do you address these issues and create a safe and secure environment for your workforce.

What can you do to create appropriate boundaries regarding political exchanges.

And how should you handle the tricky situations that may emerge when employees discuss politics in the workplace.A carefully crafted policy can help avoid many unwanted situations.


Chase Tweel

Cafeteria Plans in 2020

Part 1: Overview of Cafeteria Plan Legal Requirements

Part 2: COVID-19-Related Law Changes Affecting Cafeteria Plans

Part 3: Coordinating Cafeteria Plan Administration With Underlying Benefit Plans, Leave Policies, and COBRA


Faith Whittaker

The good, the bad, and the ugly: an overview of federal employment cases in 2020

Employment law is rarely a dull area when dealing with varying circumstances and many personalities. This segment will review pertinent federal employment cases in 2020 ranging from various employment topics. This case review will provide a general summary of the facts and outcome, but most importantly will discuss key lessons for employers.  

Tammy Bennett and JT Wilson

UNMASKED: Viewing Race at Work through a NextGen Lens 

1.  Examine the interplay between the COVID 19 pandemic, racial protests and Title VII through a diversity lens. 

2.  Explore generational differences in coping strategies of racial and ethnic minorities in the workplace, emphasizing NextGen expectations.

3. Identifying proactive structural (policies and practices) and cultural considerations employers can take to audit their processes, cultivate inclusivity, implement change, and mitigate legal risk.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

STUDENTS ONLY - Breakout Session

Speakers:   Brian Partie Tori Stevens Credits:

Exposing the Facade: Accessing and Navigating Career Success

The workplace of tomorrow is EVOLVING RAPIDLY and college students of today face an ENTIRELY NEW set of CHALLENGES. Contributory factors such as diversity and inclusion, artificial intelligence and automation, and global pandemics have TRANSFORMED the world of work...and continue to do so, DAILY! Career success is CONTINGENT on your ability to bust through the facade, build remote (yet GENUINE) relationships, and navigate ever-changing, online tools and systems. Join Brian and Tori as they DIG DEEP to EXPOSE THE TRUTH behind discovering your passion, cultivating your action plan, and executing in a strategic manner needed to achieve your goals. 

12:45 PM - 03:45 PM

HR Leadership Summit

Speaker: Abbey Johnston & Greg Mutch * Credits: 3 HRCI Business Credits, 3 SHRM Credits, 3 APA Credits

Abbey Johnston [Certified CliftonStrengths] and Greg Mutch [Certified Dare To LeadTM ] are co-creators of AG Collaborative, a leadership and talent development company focused on transforming the interior landscape of leaders to see individuals, teams and businesses flourish.

Who you are is how you lead.

Once a leader understands, appreciates and grasps the fullness of who they are and what drives them, authentic and uninhibited success can start to unfold. We work from the inside out because this approach brings the most stable, ongoing, measurable results. It also creates the most resilient leaders.

We design and deliver leadership programs typically lasting 6-24 months. Program areas include: Executive coaching and Leader As Coach Training, Strengths-Based Development, Dare To LeadTM, and Communication Skills. Acknowledging that people learn in different ways and over time, we utilize a variety of experiences, approaches, and custom curriculums to create a dynamic and multifaceted approach to facilitate meaningful transformation.

04:15 PM - 05:30 PM

Keynote General Session with Johnny C. Taylor Jr.

Speaker: Johnny C. Taylor Jr. Credits: 1.25 – HRCI Business Credit, 1.25 SHRM Credit

Thursday, Oct 15 2020
08:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Keynote General Session with Ron Kitchens

Speaker: Ron Kitchens Credits: 1.25 HRCI General / 1.25 SHRM

Uniquely You

For young professionals and entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of gurus, processes, and quick-fix formulas to chase in the quest to grow their business, lead their team, and find personal fulfillment. In fact, there are so many out there that it's exhausting. Wouldn't it be better to realize that the leadership lessons we need to learn are not out there somewhere, but in here, in our own lives? That instead of becoming a knock-off of someone else, we can be uniquely ourselves?

That's exactly what Ron Kitchens learned, and it's what he wants to share with today's emerging leaders. Sharing his own journey of discovering what his life was trying to teach him through both trials and triumphs, Kitchens equips readers to mine their own stories for the relationships and life lessons that have made them into the unique individuals they are today. He then shows readers how to leverage those unique experiences into their own personal leadership style that is authentic, one-of-a-kind, and effective in building businesses and leading teams.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Breakout Session I

Location Session Title Presenter Credits
Cultural Transformation - Six Practical Steps Jim Bitterle 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Active Shooter/Critical Incident Response Tom Moore Jason Russell Kim Slager Shelby Humphries 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
Managing Yourself Under Pressure & Stress Tim Furlong 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
HR Algorithms - Could They Replace You? (Sponsored by ADP) Jim Lewis 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Employee Financial Wellness, why credit scores matter Scott Dobson 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
HR Mentorship: The Importance of Mentorship in the HR Profession Matt Burr 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
No Thanks...I Took Another Offer Jeff Kortes 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
Team Optimization: "Who Are These People?" John Broer 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Breakout Session II

Location Session Title Presenter Credits
Presenting to Influence: Presentation Skills from Stage to Screen Ben Whiting 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
Introduction to CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Ken Barr 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Civility in the Workplace Anne-Marie Welch 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Top 15 COSTLY Mistakes and How to Fix Them! Vanessa Nelson 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM
Your Data has a Story (Sponsored by ADP) Danielle Crane 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM
5 Steps to Successfully Accelerate M&A Integration Karen Oliver-Behee 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Ownershift – Reimagining how we create accountable teams Steve Lowisz 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Let Your Diamonds Shine: Storytelling as talent attraction and retention tool Susan Bailey 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

Breakout Session III

Location Session Title Presenter Credits
Unquittable - Finding & Keeping Talent You Need Jim Bitterle 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
Mindfulness and Leadership Mindset Abbey Johnston & Greg Mutch * 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Employee Turnover (Sponsored by ADP) Jay Richards 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Medicare 101 for HR Professionals Elizabeth Robinson 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
The Culture Trap - Culture is a Result, not a Remedy John Broer 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Emerging Stronger Than Before - Life in a PC "Post Covid" World Tim Furlong 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit, 1 APA Credit
Inclusion is a verb, so what action are you taking Jeanne Bolhuis 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Talking Respectfully and Learning in a World That is Shouting James Reid Dan Russell Menyon Byrd 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit
Better for Employees, Better for Business: The Case for Employers to Invest in Employee Financial Health John Rogers Mark Rogers 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Keynote General Session with Paul Long

Speaker: Paul Long Credits: 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH


Connecting to Life Through F.U.N.

Two grown men, cat wrestling singlets and a social experiment. Paul J Long leveraged his concept

of Fundamism to become the Kansas City Royals’ 2016 Fan of the Year, National Speaker and

advocate of pediatric cancer research. Leveraging his experience as a Director of Operations for

a Fortune 300 company, Paul provides an inspirational experience while sharing best practices

in creating a forward-focused, service-oriented, self-disciplined, FUN team. Paul’s philosophy of

Fundamism is a deliberate approach to building trust-based relationships, can be applied by all

staff members and is certain to help move you forward in the development of any team. Based

on the core principle of F.U.N., this experience will allow your team to explore their Foundation,

Understanding of Others and help identify Next Steps in maximizing their overall effectiveness at

work and in life. Laugh, learn and actively engage with your team while Paul coaches you through

principles that help improve employee engagement, maximize productivity, provide memorable

customer experiences, reduce attrition and create a more FUN work environment! This experience

will provoke thought while leaving audiences with tactical behaviors that drive results.


Key Takeaways:

  • Exploration of social styles and how to maximize communication effectiveness
  • How to gain a better understanding of others’ perspective and drive meaningful interactions
  • How to have more F.U.N. in the workplace and in life
  • Identify next steps in creating a F.U.N. implementation strategy

Friday, Oct 16 2020
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

Breakout Session IV

Location Session Title Presenter Credits
Leadership Remodeled, Why the Role of Leadership Needs a Desperate Makeover Tina Marie Wohlfield 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Let Technology Generate Your Safety Leading Indicators Clayton Carroll 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM
Transforming Your Culture - One Employee at a Time Kristi Stuetzer 1 HRCI Business / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Recruit for Results, not for Reqs Steve Lowisz 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Reinventing Financial Wellbeing to enhance your Health Benefits Amy O’Meara Chambers, JD 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Diversity : HR ’s Role in Moving Beyond ‘ Statements of Commitment ’ Lee Meadows 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
Do today what others don’t. Have tomorrow what others won’t! Matt Cole 1 HRCI General / 1 SHRM / 1 APA RCH
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Keynote General Session with Rudy Ruettiger

Speaker: Rudy Ruettiger Credits: 1.5 HRCI Business (Pending) / 1.5 SHRM


Rudy’s presentation is choreographed to a video production.  Rudy tells his story of adversity and triumph and ties in the lessons he learned along the way.  Your team will learn how to carry an attitude of gratitude with them through the tough times and how to persevere to the finish line.  Rudy’s message of hope will inspire your team to Dream Big and Never Quit!

Educational Tracks

MISHRM State Conference offers a wide range of breakout sessions for our attendees. The Educational Sessions are offered in session tracks. These tracks meet the requirements of the HRCI Body of Knowledge and the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge. Credits will be awarded at the completion of the conference survey. Conference attendees can expect to earn between 12 and 15 credits depending on sessions selected.

MISHRM's mission is to support the State SHRM chapters and serve the HR professionals (networking, development opportunities, best practice sharing) and serve as a conduit from our great state to SHRM.

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