MISHRM State Conference offers a wide range of breakout sessions for our attendees. The Educational Sessions are offered in session tracks. These tracks meet the requirements of the HRCI Body of Knowledge and the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge. Credits will be awarded at the completion of the conference survey. Conference attendees can expect to earn between 12 and 15 credits depending on sessions selected.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Journey (Track Sponsored by Paylocity)

Speaker: Amanda Keys Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook C

This is an active and engaging discussion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Understanding the distinction between these three terms is just the first step on your journey to fostering an inclusive workplace.We will then delve into allyshipand the role it plays in DE&I. We will also highlight the types of unconscious bias and the roles they play in interpersonal relations.
Ultimately, we will help attendees address the question "What can I do?" and how they can foster a positive environment.
It is a journey and this session is a great start.

01:45 PM - 02:45 PM

The Dust Has Settled. What Now? (Track Sponsored by Paylocity)

Speaker: Daniel Russell Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook C


01:45 PM - 02:45 PM

Employee Financial Wellness: Go beyond health insurance and a 401(k) (Track Sponsored by Paylocity)

Speaker: Scott Dobson Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook D

Employee wellness has become a key component to many Human Resource departments to engage, enrich, and retain employees. Employee stress is a major wellness consideration and according to a recent report, 78% of employees feel stressed about their personal finances.

Many companies have an automated system in place to help employees save for retirement through systematic contributions withheld from the employees’ paycheck. Many also offer health insurance and withhold the employee portion of the premium from each paycheck. Why do companies do this? To make sure these very important bills are always paid and the employee doesn’t have to worry about making a health insurance payment or write a check for retirement contributions every single month.

This presentation will focus on strategies to help your employees identify all important bills their paycheck needs to cover and identify options for those bills to be paid as automatically and regularly as health insurance premiums or 401(k) contributions. Additionally, learn strategies to help employees reduce stress on payday, increase credit score, and save for an emergency automatically.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Developing Your Organizations First Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan (Track Sponsored by Paylocity)

Speaker: Nichole Hoskins Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook C

Most organizations recognize that afocus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are important for sucess. While the business case may be established, it may be difficult to determine how to develop, structure, and implement a DEI effort within an organization when there isn't a person or team dedicated to that role. Thereare several ways that human resoureces professionals at all levels can ensure that they are encouring diversity and fostering inclusion in their workplaces. The first step in creating a meaningful effort is a comprehensive Strategic Diversity Plan. Strategic Diversity Planning is important to addressthe barriers that may be preventing success in an organizations D & I intentions and twartingefforts to create a more inclusive workplace. Rather than creating a reactive plan that focuses on training to 'fix' a lack of diversity within an organization, participants will learn how to developa strategic plan unique to the needs of their specific organization and then create an execution plan that garners results.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Building a Transformational Culture (Track Sponsored by Paylocity)

Speaker: Mike Novakoski Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook C

Mike Novakoski will share the story of how he and his partners transformed EV Construction from a commodity commercial construction company to an oddity in its markets. He will share specific strategies related to attracting, hiring, onboarding, mentoring, and retaining employees. Mike will use storytelling to explain the inspirational thought process and lessons learned through the company and employees journey. First, Mike will walk through EV’s history over the past 15 years and how is has transformed from being client centered to being built around our people. He will transition into discussing how A.B.S. (Artifacts, Beliefs, Stories) are the framework for any company to tell the story of who they are. Next, Mike will talk about how EV uses a Talent Sieve™ when looking at new hires and when considering employees for promotions. He will also share how EV created a Blueprint for Success program to make sure the entire company is part of a new hires onboarding process to ensure the best possible experience. Finally, Mike will conclude by empowering attendees to make changes within their own organizations and the lasting effects of doing so. Throughout the presentation, participants will hear how EV applied the Unmistakable approach to develop a “virtual employee waiting room,” built an innovative employee engagement and HRIS software, earned a multitude of awards, and achieved an unbelievable 13+ year spotless safety record. In this session, attendees will learn how to apply a right-brain approach to become employee-centric and create meaningful connections inside and outside of their business.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Brave Speaks: Values, Boundaries and Your Superpower

Speaker: Meagan Krzywosinski Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook E

Brave Speaks is focused on inspiring inner growth.

We will take a deep dive into rediscovering your values, learn how to navigate the stretch between values and boundaries and define your superpower! This is an inspiring, safe and fun space to reengage your core and show up for yourself. In this crazy messy journey, we call life, there is no better time, then now, to pause, recalculate and engage your braVe muscle.
Whether you are seeking career growth, a little more balance or just need a good refresher on why your braVe speaks, our time together will have you walking away feeling a little lighter, empowered and well…braVe.

Life is tough, BraVe is tougher. Let'sdo this…TOGETHER!

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Adjust Your Voice, I Can't Hear You!

Speaker: Andre Kelly Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook A

Many leaders aspire to inspire and empower their teams to live the company's vision, produce results and attain workplace goals. Those that succeed at it; are the leaders who've mastered the art of adjusting their voices to the tunes of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment.

During this engaging, stimulating, and thought-provoking presentation, participants will be equipped and empowered to,

  • Identify and analyze the communication barriers restricting their ability to lead teams and drive positive results.
  • Uncover and tap into the power of their sound to effectively inspire, motivate, connect and negotiate.
  • Discover the role emotional intelligence plays in leadership communication.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Mental Health Awareness and Those Critical Conversations

Speakers:   Trina Ruokola Lisa Stanely Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook A

During this unprecedented time, anxiety and depression have increased in the workplace, impacting production. Audience will learn how to recognize signs of anxiety and depression, in-person and virtual. Communication strategies and techniques to initiate and navigate critical conversations with employees will be shared along with resources.

Data Analytics
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Leveraging Data to Drive Decisions (Track Sponsored by Springbuk)

Speaker: Alex Kreibich Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook D

Focus on interpreting the results, not data. What do the results say? What are the missed opportunities for employers to consider? What trends are on the rise, and how might local teams apply lessons learned from best-in-class employers?

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Where to start your journey (Track Sponsored by Springbuk)

Speaker: Fiona Jamison Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook D

You can’t get where you need to be tomorrow, unless you know where you are today.

Businesses across the U.S. and around the world have been facing a long-overdue reckoning: Many have failed miserably at treating their employees of color fairly and equitably.
Corporate leadership knows it can and must do better. And if it cannot, it must make way for managers and executives eager to create workplaces where all employees feel respected, valued and empowered. Those qualities are the hallmarks of inclusive workplaces, andresearchhas shown that when leaders foster this environment, their companies are more successful and simply,better placesto work.

But where do you begin? How do you know what your employees feel and what needs to change? This session will help you understand the journey towards a diverse and inclusive workplace. You will have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment to better understand where your organization stands today and what your next steps should be. Learn how data and assessments can help you to create a strategic plan to get you where you want to be – a truly inclusive workplace.

Session outcomes:

  • Gain a basic understanding of D&I and what it means
  • Understand the maturity model of D&I and key steps in the journey
  • Take a self-assessment to determine where your organization is today
  • Learn how data and assessments can help you to build a strategy on how to achieve your D&I goals

Compliance & Benefits
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Understanding & Using Your Current Life & Disability Benefits To Maximize Employee Retention/Recruitment

Speaker: Shamus OKeefe Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook B

Going back over the last 50 years national benchmarking reports will show that groups with over 100 lives offer a wide array of benefits with over 60%+ offering some form of Long Term & Short Term disability and almost 90% offering employer sponsored Life Insurance. The fact that groups offer these products is fantastic for the employee population as this is where the lion's share of U.S. citizens buy life & disability insurance.

The premise of this presentation is not to talk about what life or disability insurance is as everyone has a general feel for that. The idea is to use the current plans but make a few changes to how the plans are set up with the carriers to make these plans as powerful as they can be for the employee & employer such as:

Making employer paid disabilitybenefits tax free at time of claim for the employee
Shed some light on what life & disability carriers are looking at in order to pay or not to pay claims
Best practiceson procedures and plans to have in placeprior to employees filling for disability claims
Removing disabilitycontractprovisions that can have a negative impact to employees at the time of a claim - very little cost differenceifthese provisions are include or not included in contracts
Offering & structuringexecutive benefits that can help attract &retain employees - life & disability
Understanding a few provisions inside group life plans that are very important when employees become ill
Understanding possibletax issues for employees and employers with respect to voluntary life insuranceplans

I have been an insurancebroker for the last (3) years working directly with employers but the prior 25 years of my career I was a life & disability carrier wholesalerand worked at the top carriers in the market. I understand how life & disability contracts are written to help avoid paying claims along with how these contracts are priced as well as what claims examiners are looking for. I feel this insight would be very helpful for our HR partners to understand in a manner where they are not being sold something but rather simply explained to help understand what some of the information means. Below are just a few examples ofimportant wording that is included in contracts that I am sure the vast majority of HR managers are not sure of:

Gainful Occupation
Mental & Nervous limits
Accelerated payment
Crossover Rates


03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Using Data to Gain a Multi-Dimensional Understanding of your Employee Population

Speaker: Jeff Faber Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook B

As we plan for a post-pandemic world, employers need to consider how their benefits offerings will continue evolving to meet employee needs. Participation in this interactive session will help benefits professionals unleash the power of the data they already have, to tailor programs for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness. This presentation will explore opportunities for streamlining benefits to align with employee segments and their needs, based on criteria from an organization’s employee census data. Attendees will be able to download a sample worksheet to help them implement this analysis for their organization.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Compliance: The Biggest Year Since ACA - What?!

Speakers:   Scott Behrens Paula Day Elaine Coffman Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook B

2022 will be the biggest year for compliance since the ACA. The CAA, EEOC, the Transparency Regulations and more. More reporting. More complexity. It’s coming, but we can navigate through it. From new Rx reporting, a litany of rules affecting flexible spending accounts, disclosures regarding balance billing by out of network providers, and new EEOC proposed wellness regulations, our panel will guide you through what you need to think about, prepare for, and attack, to get to smooth waters.

An entertaining and provocative panel of Lockton’s Compliance Team will take you through the latest in benefit plan compliance. Panelists include attorneys Ed Fensholt and Scott Behrens of Podcast “ERISA is a Friend of Mine” fame, and ERISA attorney Paula Day. The panel will be moderated by Elaine Coffman president of Lockton Michigan and will have open time for audience questions.

Professional Development
01:45 PM - 02:45 PM

COACHING FOR EXCELLENCE: How to retain and energize your top talent by creating an engaged and inclusive workforce.

Speaker: Phil Martin Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook A/B

Authentically connecting with people leads to impactful, positive coaching. To be that positive coach, you need to: identify your style, cultivate your mindset, and create a culture of personal responsibility. This session will focus on four effective strategies you and your team can implement that will allow you to coach the best in your team. Topics include: creating a positive coaching mindset, learning to admire and inspire, learning to use cooperative language, and the best coaching practices to improve performance, raise retention, and promote productivity. Drawing on 35 years of real-life coaching experiencecrafted from the worlds of theatre and administration, Phil will provide you with the skills needed to successfully coach and connect with your employees and thus transform your organization.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Brainstorming with Da Vinci: An Entertaining Approach to Generate Next Level Ideas

Speakers:   Eric Bowe Linda Taylor Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook C/D

Ideas are the lifeblood of business. Ideas are important to gain a competitive advantage, increase operational efficiency, or improve company culture. However, there is an idea gap, as most companies do not train employees to lead brainstorming sessions. Brainstorming with DaVinci is designed to fill that gap.

The Da Vinci approach combines brainstorming best practices with different methods artist, writers, actors, and musicians used to create a masterpiece or give a memorable performance. The approach draws inspiration from a wide array of creative celebrities including Leonardo DaVinci, E.L. James, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Lady Gaga to name a few.

In this session, Eric Bowe and Linda Taylor will cover the Da Vinci approach which includes nine guiding principles and twenty methods designed to help people lead successful brainstorming sessions. To bring the methods to life, Eric and Linda will combine stories from these creative celebrities with examples from their career of leading brainstorming sessions. They will also discuss how to train employees to lead session to maximize the team brainstorming potential.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Level Up: Building Confidence and Unlocking Opportunity

Speakers:   Kari Bergman Kat Schulte Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook A/B

Most of us struggle with confidence -- up to 85% of us! This lack of confidence can wreak havoc on our health, relationships, career path, quality of life, and even our earning potential. What our world needs is more of us standing strongly and firmly in who we are and what we offer. Join us in exploring how your distinct flavor of humanity is a gift and practice acting from that place of grounded confidence. Thisinteractive session will give you tools and support to infuse your life with the confidence you desire.Delivery format will include visual presentation, participant engagement and interactive practices.

Talent Management
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Leading in the Experience Age: HR’s Guide to the New Workforce Paradigm

Speaker: Ed Krow Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook E/F

Our workforce has entered the Experience Age. Our employees now expect work to help them grow as people and they are no longer focused on information anymore. The lines between work, play and personal growth are blurred.

In the Experience Age, Organizations must know how to attract, motivate and retain talent that helps people grow and experience more of who they are. Successful Organizations in this age build People Strategies that are compatible with Growth Strategies, making rapid growth smooth and sustainable.

Organizations still using “churn and burn” Information Age tactics to hire and motivate employees will experience a talent shortage, and the hallmark “people problems” that prevent them from breaking through their revenue ceiling, causing negative growth.

This seminar will help you begin to discover the wealth of talent right before your eyes, when you move your People Strategy into the Experience Age.

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Attract the best and brightest talent
  • Compensate and reward in a way that fits with who your employees are and what they really want
  • Create and sustain a culture that encourages people to show up as their best selves
  • Succession plan to always have an abundance of highly skilled and specialized talent
  • Become the workplace that no one wants to leave
It’s time to re-think your business processes, in order to support the experience you need to deliver for smooth, sustainable success.

01:45 PM - 02:45 PM

Riding the Liquid Workforce Wave

Speaker: Monica Lloyd Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook E/F

With major disruptions occurring in the business landscape, leaders have realized the power of flexibility and agility from a business perspective. But like a surfer trying to surf with no wave, a business is only as agile and flexible as the talent strategy allows and it’s not as easy as it looks. The undertow is serious and will take you down if you aren’t intentional with getting the key talent components right. In this session, we will learn how to develop a more fluid talent strategy to create the talent wave needed to take the business where it needs to go.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

COVID-19 Employment Liability and Risk Mitigation Measures

Speakers:   Amanda Fielder Ed Bardelli Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook E/F

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to pivot and adjust how they do business. These adjustments included significant impacts on workforce, including furloughs, restructures, compensation implications and remote work, to name a few.As businesses implemented these workforce decisions and continue to navigate the demands brought on by COVID-19, they have and will continue to face increased liability concerns surrounding these decisions, from wage complaints to discrimination allegations to safety issues. Not surprisingly, there has been a big increase in the number of lawsuits filed against employers due to alleged labor and employment violations.

This session will address the rise in employment litigation cases related to COVID-19 and the resulting increased liability concerns for employers.We will also address best practices and tips to limit your exposure to potential lawsuits as you continue to navigate the ever-changing workforce landscape related to the pandemic.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Legal Deep Dive: How to Conduct a Pay Equity Audit

Speaker: Tom Cedoz Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Ballroom ABCD, Devos Place

Review emerging state and federal pay equity laws to analyze and assess organizational practices that impact operations and people management in order to decide on the best available risk management strategy for your business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review new state and federal laws impacting pay equity to determine and mitigate business legal risk.
  • Review developments in pay equity litigation, including class/collective actions,that can pose legal risks to your business
  • Examine the impact of new state equal pay laws and how to implement strategies to mitigate legal risk for your business
  • Review new federal pay equity regulatory initiatives and enforcement
  • Strategies for conducting pay audits to comply with new and emerging laws
  • Strategies for addressing pay disparities organization-wide

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Motivate, Communicate, Innovate- Effective Leadership Through Neuroscience

Speaker: JULIE ANDERSON Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook E

The thoughts around leadership have shifted in the last decade with the discoveries made in the field of neuroscience.The implication of this research is particularly relevant to organizational leaders. Managers who understand the breakthroughs in neuropsychology can lead in a highly effective wayand achieve incredible results. Leaders and their organizations’ that adopt and implement changes based on this brain science willsee increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and gain an improved company culture.A culture that is inclusive and positive.Brain Lady Julie will present this complicated science in an understandable and actionable way.

Key Trainings and Takeaways:

  • Gained skillsaround relationship building in management
  • Improved communicationbased on the science of communication dynamics and styles
  • Greater understandingof how words and actions build or break a good manager
  • Engagementthrough the power of showing empathy and building the emotional connection
  • Being mindfulof the science behind inspiring others

Potential Results:

  • Managers and company leaders with improved communication with teams
  • Employees who feel more engaged and valued, leading to greater innovation and retention
  • Teams that are motivated and inspired, therefore producing better results.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Becoming influential beyond your spot on the org chart

Speaker: Jim Lewis Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook E

As an HR professional youlong to reach the place where youcan be truly influential – where your work is more than transactional and your thoughts are sought for big picture thinking. The people who move up theorg chart seem to do it by being influential before they get there. How does that happen?

It’s not luck. It’s not even a matter of personality. Being influential is a skill, and you can learn to do it – right now, in whatever position you hold.

This session explores methods for gaining influence. We’ll talk about:

-The three things every HR task you undertake should do for the company
- Theprerequisites for being influential
- Putting yourself in positions where you can influence
- Becoming influential with yourself first

Expect to leave this session with some tools to implement as you begin expanding your sphere of influence within your current organization, no matter the level of your current position.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Organizational Strategy – Developing an employee engagement strategy that drives business results

Speaker: Shawn Premer Credits: 1 HRCI Business Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

River Overlook A

Research has shown that organizations with high employee engagement excel in customer satisfaction and achieve high productivity and operational efficiency, as well as profitability with the additional side effect of safer, healthier employees with lower absenteeism and reduced turnover. Integrating employee engagement strategy into your organization’s strategic plan is key to organizational success. In this session you will learn about the key drivers of successful strategic planning and how winning organizations weave employee engagement in their plans.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

A Fireside Chat with Rob Hampton, Head of Human Resources at Morgan Stanley

Speakers:   John Rogers Rob Hampton Mark Rogers Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook E/F

Session Description

As businesses plan for the post-pandemic future, many changes born during this period have created lasting shifts in how companies support their employees in both the best of times and the worst. From improving work-from-home and mental health practices to enhancing how businesses attract and nurture more diverse workforces, this fireside chat will explore trends that show how 2020 has redefined our relationship with our jobs and our employers.  As a key HR Leader at a Fortune 100 company, Rob Hampton will share experiences and best practices. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how a Fortune 100 company continues to address challenges posed by the Pandemic 
  • Rethink productivity and remote work
  • Boost knowledge of tools to address workers’ mental, physical and financial health
  • Learn strategies to address diversity and improve hiring and retention 

Investments and services offered through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.  Graystone Consulting is a business of Morgan Stanley. ©2021 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.    CRC3650000   06/21

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Hiring, Retention, Onboarding, and Employee Development Metrics and Best Practices (Track Sponsored by Hylant)

Speaker: Mike Kestly Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook C/D

  • Know how each job supports your organization’s key objectives
  • Use objective evaluation criteria based on known outstanding performers in that job
  • Ensure compensation is competitive
  • Apply a consistent selection process to filling all positions
  • Include key stakeholders in your employee selection process
  • Train your interviewers in your employee selection process.
  • Give your interviewers guidance to help them probe deeper into a candidate's suitability
  • Conduct comprehensive reference and background checks on job candidates
  • Ensure that your orientation process helps people become productive faster

01:45 PM - 02:45 PM

Hiring Culture (Track Sponsored by Hylant)

Speaker: Nicole Anderson Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook C/D

Talent Acquisition and Retention are the leading struggles HR professional face in their positions. What if building a Hiring Culture could solve those issues? What if you could get more leadership involvement in the retention efforts. We always hear about building and maintaining workplace culture is imperative to the growth. What if we built a solid hiring culture that brings in top talent.

04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Five Innovative Action Steps to Tool Up Your Recruiters & Build Pipelines to Attract the Future Leaders of Gen Z (Track Sponsored by Hylant)

Speaker: Rebecca Ahmed Credits: 1 HRCI General Credit, 1 SHRM Credit

Gallery Overlook C/D

Generation Z is putting their stamp on history as the nation’s most diverse generation. They constitute a quarter of the population and are just starting to enter the job market. What does this generation’s makeup and stance for humanity mean for the future of the workforce? It means a shift in culture where diversity and inclusion will be leading drivers of every business decision.

How will this cultural shift change the future of talent acquisition? While it’s too soon to tell the full effects of this up-and-coming generation’s influence, one thing is for certain: Organizations will not only seek out diversity of thought, but the future of talent acquisition will embrace an innovative approach to intersectionality. Looking to get ahead of the curve and dive right in? Here are key takeaways to get you thinking on how to tool up your recruiters and build pipelines incorporating the future leaders of Gen Z.

Key Takeaway #1: Update your job descriptions to reflect an inclusive environment to attract diverse candidates.
Key Takeaway # 2: Create a standard interview process.
Key Takeaway #3: Expand your search within communities to discover talent that doesn’t traditionally “fit the part.”
Key Takeaway #4: Partner with local nonprofits, employment agencies, and associations to grow your pipeline.

Key Takeaway #5: Start early by building partnerships and programs to develop students.

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